the day after Christmas

day after Christmas apple crisp

Happy day after Christmas!

The best part of the day after Christmas? Well, there are a few things. Firstly, breakfast is leftover apple crisp with a large cup of coffee (see above). Secondly, my youngest son is happily playing with all his new toys and games, while my older kids are happily sleeping until noon. Thirdly, the house is semi-quiet and peaceful and the fridge is stocked full of yummy leftovers (including a ham and orange mustard sauce). In many ways, I’m happier on the day after Christmas than I am on Christmas day, which has turned into a stressful day, now that I’m the grown up in charge of everything (gifts and food and orchestrating happiness for everyone). But the day after, well, that day has turned out to be a lovely day.

The day after the day after (tomorrow) I will make ham & bean soup and scalloped potatoes with ham and my daughter plans to make cinnamon chocolate cupcakes, but today, the day after Christmas, is heated up leftovers from our Christmas day meal. Today started with how we ended our Christmas meal, because it is an upside down kind of day, and I’m perfectly happy about that.

Happy Christmas everyone! And happy day after Christmas to you as well!

candy cane kiss cookies

candy cane kiss cookies (1)

Today I made a large batch of chocolate kiss cookies, but used the Hershey’s Candy Cane kisses instead of chocolate ones. Usually I make a batch of each to give as gifts, but this year we ate all the plain chocolate kisses before I had a chance to make the cookies!

These are very festive and colorful and cheery…. A perfect cookie for the holiday season!

The recipe is the same as for the chocolate kiss cookies — just the flavor of kisses is different — so I’m not reposting that recipe (you can click the link above to go directly there). Instead I’ll offer you the photos from the photo shoot I did this afternoon. Those cookies are so photogenic!

candy cane kiss cookies (7)

candy cane kiss cookies (6)

candy cane kiss cookies (5)

candy cane kiss cookies (4)

candy cane kiss cookies (3)

candy cane kiss cookies (2)

Christmas cookies

It’s that special, magical, yummy time of the year…. Christmas cookie time!  

As Christmas approaches I’m getting my recipes in order and stocking up on flour and chocolate and eggs. During this time of year I like to make lots of cookies and put a few of each on festive trays to distribute to neighbors and friends and teachers.

I don’t make all the cookies on the same day. Instead I freeze some, such as the gingersnaps and butter cookies, as described here.

frozen balls of cookie dough

These are the cookies I’m planning on making for this cookie-giving season:

cocoa cookies

cocoa cookies 6

butter cookies

butter cookies (4)

shortbread cookies

shortbread cookies

chocolate kiss cookies

kiss cookies (6)

hidden kiss cookies

cookie close up



And a non-cookie as well:

candy cane bark

candy cane bark


Okay, your turn…. What kind of cookies are you planning on making this holiday season? What’s your favorite cookie?