spice rub for fish (or chicken or burgers)

Recently I was gone for two weeks with the two younger children. My husband and 19 year old son stayed home due to their work schedules. One thing they made quite often during that time was fish. My husband loves fish and they both love spicy food, so he did some searching (in recipe books and online) and found a few ways to cook fish to his liking. One recipe called for marinating the fish for a few hours in an olive oil and lemon combination. Another recipe was for a dry spice rub that goes onto the fish right before cooking. He took both these ideas and used them to cook a few different varieties of fish.

Couple things:

  • Today we didn’t allow the fish to spend more than five minutes in the oil and lemon, because we forgot and ran out of time.
  • The dry spice rub recipe came from the Cook This, Not That: Kitchen Survival Guide.
  • My husband and son loved this spice rub so much on fish, that they also put it on chicken and on burgers and declared all of it delicious!


Spice Rub

In a small bowl, combine 1 teaspoon each of the following:


cayenne pepper



black pepper

salt, optional (*Note: My husband did not put in any salt, though the recipe called for it.)


Today I purchased one pound of cod fillets.

Into a small bowl, we combined 2 tablespoons olive oil with the juice and pulp from half a lemon. We poured this over the fish fillets and coated both sides of each piece of fish.

Then we took a few spoonfuls of the spice rub and sprinkled it on each side of the fish fillets. (*Note: This is spicy, and I can’t handle as much spice as my husband and son, so on one piece I went very light with the spice rub.)

Using the backside of a fork I pressed the spice rub into both sides of each piece of fish. (That’s my piece on the left in the next photo.)

We placed the prepared fish into a foil packet and sealed the edge closed. This was put onto the hot grill.

After 5 minutes we flipped the foil packet and cooked it on the second side for 4 minutes.

The fish was so tender it flaked apart very easily.



4 responses to “spice rub for fish (or chicken or burgers)

  1. The fish rub and recipe sound delicious! Perhaps you should let your son and husband do all the summer cooking….another vacation time for you. ASM

    • Ahhh… sounds like a good idea,until you realize that’s all they’d make all summer: The same three meals (fish, chicken, burgers) with the same spice rub, day after day after day. But since once a week or so is a good idea for this spicy rub, they definitely now have weekend cooking duty!

  2. Being a good Nova Scotia girl I could exist on fish, and I love cod. My other half is a sea bass guy but it is sooooo pricey. This looks great I’ve put it away for the next cod I get.

  3. Loved the spice rub recipe… Been trying to eat healthy for a couple of days now n this post gave me a way to keep my food healthy and tasty… Just shows that u don’t need to compromise on taste just bcoz u want to cut down the calories u eat…

    Love & thanks,
    Debashree (India)

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