farmers’ market

Saturday morning. Usually my idea of the best way to spend my Saturday morning would be to sleep in, while my husband does breakfast duty. But today I managed to get myself out of bed and to the local farmers’ market. Because it’s early in the season, and this market is one of the smaller ones in my area, there weren’t a lot of options. Baked goods were plenty, as were plants, fresh eggs and homemade dog treats, but only one stall had vegetables.

Fresh vegetables at a farmers’ market give me such pleasure. Imagine a shoe lover walking into a large shoe store and seeing rows and rows of colorful treasures awaiting them … that’s how I feel when I see the tables of potatoes, squash, beets, beans, radishes, and other veggies. I have to take deep breaths and remember that I’m only feeding a family of five (two of which don’t eat vegetables), otherwise I’d purchase way too many vegetables that would surely go bad before I had the chance to prepare them for a meal.

Today I purchased the items in the above photo. It’s hard to see, but those red potatoes are so cute and tiny! Really, who would have thought potatoes could be described as adorable? Yet they are! And the squash — my favorite summertime vegetable.

What’s that item on the right? Well, I did mention there were quite a few baked goods at the market this morning, and I had a hard time passing up freshly baked apple cinnamon bread. It’s not as good as if I had made it, in my opinion, but I still enjoyed coming home and having a slice with my 2nd cup of coffee for the morning.

What a lovely way to start my weekend!


What are your favorite items to purchase at your local farmers’ market?


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