4,000 paper muffin liners

Have you been wondering how much space 4,000 paper muffin liners take up? Me too! My wait ended today when the box was delivered. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the box was not super large after all (having a house with zero storage space had me very worried).

Look... the box is not large (my average size teen daughter is holding the box)!

I was thrilled to know we could find storage for this box. No problem. And then I opened the box and got another pleasant surprise.

Half of the box was full of air!

Did they send the right product? The correct quantity? Yes, they did!

The white paper liners came in plastic, with 1,000 per sleeve. I also ordered unbleached liners that came in cardboard sleeves, each holding 500.

I’m so happy to know I’m saving money, and that I won’t need to build an addition to the house in order to store them all.

Stay tuned for more cupcake and muffin recipes coming soon! Yahoo!


3 responses to “4,000 paper muffin liners

  1. Cute pictures. Glad they fit in your home. I guess you could consider all future gifts to family and friends be Cupcakes…as you have lots to share. Enjoy. You write very interesting stories, love reading them. Keep writing as your other hobby.

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