fruit (and veggie) smoothies

This is not so much a recipe … more like a miracle.

My daughter won’t eat a piece of raw fruit unless it’s an apple. And until a couple years ago it had to be a peeled and sliced Granny Smith apple or nothing. She’s since branched out to other varieties of apples, and doesn’t peel them any longer, but that’s still it as far as whole fruits go.

Banana? Only if I pay her. A peach? Never. Strawberries? No way. Not even chocolate covered strawberries! What’s wrong with this girl?!??!

But somehow, and I truly don’t remember when this miracle occurred, but somehow this same girl will make a fruit smoothie every single day. Yes, a smoothie made with fruit. Every. Single. Day. Makes me cry just thinking about it.

Into a blender she’ll put a cup of orange juice, a scoop of plain yogurt, and frozen fruit, and sometimes ice cubes. Usually the fruit selection includes frozen strawberries, peaches, and blueberries. Sometimes she’ll add raspberries,pineapple, and mango if we have them.

One of my best mom moments — you know, when you get that imaginary pat on the back, knowing you’ve done something right — was when my daughter said these words: Mom, next time you go to the store, please buy mangoes and raspberries and any other fruit that looks good. Thanks!

To make this even better, she started tossing in raw veggies into the daily smoothies. And if you think she was picky about fruit, she was even pickier with veggies!

In her smoothies she’s tried different veggies, but usually it’s a few slices of raw carrot. So now my non-fruit and non-veggie eating daughter is consuming fruit and veggies every single day. This is huge people! If you had any idea how many months (*cough* years *cough*) went by when this child ate nothing that wasn’t a nugget or a fry, you’d be as shocked as I have been. To go from #1 Picky Child in America, to having a fruit and veggie smoothie very day, well, that’s a miracle!


2 responses to “fruit (and veggie) smoothies

  1. Loved the story of your daughters Smoothy transition…guess the name of the game is for parents to be very Patient and eating habits will change..Hurrah ,for her healthy eating once again….ASM

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