a favorite ingredient — chicken broth

No recipe today. Instead I’m telling you about one of my favorite pantry items. An ingredient I use in many, many recipes — I always have some in the house. Pacific Natural Foods Organic Free Range Chicken Broth.

My mom makes her own broth and stock. And she regularly tells me I should do the same. Not going to happen. This is too easy. It’s available in my local grocery store. I can even buy it online at amazon and have it set up for regular shipments. This chicken broth comes in a 32 ounce container that has a resealable cap and in a four pack of 8 ounce containers.

Here’s a tip. When I open the 32 ounce container, if I’m not using it all that day, back in the refrigerator it goes. But first I use a permanent marker to note the date on the top. My life is crazy busy sometimes, and because I use this product so often, there’s always some in my refrigerator. But what if it got stuck in back, behind the orange juice? What if it’s past its 7-10 day life? Well, worry not! The date on top alerts me to when I opened it. So simple, yet so helpful!


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